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Blue Trading is Hiring!

Blue Group is always seeking global talent available to enhance our diverse team's unique skills. Please find the below available opportunities updated monthly. Thank you for your interest!


We currently have a team of several traders with expertise in Foreign Exchange, Commodities, and Cryptocurrency trading on the spot markets. As systems evolve and adapt, we are always seeking new traders / programmers with new systems capable of performing in 2018 and beyond. If you have at least 6-12 months of verifiable track record, please contact us. Kindly note we are unable to utilize stock trading systems at this time.

Global Support Team

We offer 24 hour support to serve our global client base. Currently, our support team is located in several countries around the world to provide this level of high support. Our support agents must be highly proficient in English. We are also looking for German, Arabic, Italian, and Spanish speakers. If you are interested in working remotely to serve Blue Trading clients support needs, please contact us.

Apply with your CV to: info@bluetrading.com
Please include as much background information as possible. Thank you.