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Become an introducing broker

Blue Trading is fortunate enough to have clients who are from around the world. This is all thanks to our valued clients sharing our services with their friends, family, and colleagues.

Therefore, we believe in rewarding our clients/IBs (Affiliates) with generous referral programs focused on mutually beneficial compensation for new and continuing client participation in our program.

It is important to however to understand that we do have some important parameters it is very important for our IBs to follow. For instance, we mandate IBs use ethical marketing practices.

This means that we prohibit the use of aggressive email marketing under all circumstances, blog/forum posting (spamming), as well as any other non-solicited advertising practices such as cold calling/unsolicited telemarketing.

Our IBs instead use their existing personal/professional network to invite new participants to invest with Blue Trading. We are happy to assist your referrals in any way necessary, and provide you with an industry-high referral commission.

How an IB works?

When you become a Blue Trading Introducing Broker, you will receive a unique URL (Link) to invite new participants into the program. For each click the link receives, you will see real-time tracking statistics showing your clicks, accounts, deposits, balances, and commissions due. All an IB has to do is share the link with their prospective investors, and our team will handle all the customer relations (and of course) trading services.

Then, you can see full details of your referral's on your dashboard. Please note we do not share personal information of referrals such as passport, address, etc.

To participate in our IB Program - you may begin by registering for a Standard account on our website (as you would if you were investing in the program). If you already have an account with us, you can activate your Referral URL Link in the trading dashboard area immediately.

To activate your custom IB Program Agreement, please contact us directly at partner@bluetrading.com . We are happy to provide marketing materials such as graphics, PDFs, and other educational material for your clients as well.

Our team will reply promptly to assist you. We look forward to working with you!

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