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What We Do

Learn more about our Revolutionary Approach to Managed Account Trading

Blue Trading was founded by Richard Anderson and team in 2012 for private, institutional investors, opening the first full-service retail accounts in early 2016. Richard knew there were no funds offering a truly diversified modern approach with a wide variety of trading instruments. Blue Trading is now a full service managed account trading firm offering retail accounts worldwide.

We offer a simple approach to your trading needs with an impressive Managed Account Platform that allows users to watch their accounts grow by logging in 24 hours a day. Clients have the ability to view their account anytime, but are not required to make any trade execution decisions on their own behalf.

Our Professional Approach

Our traders have a combined 40 years of experience allowing them to achieve impressive trading returns while clients monitor their accounts from around the world via their computer or smartphone/tablet devices.

Blue Trading is continually engaging the necessary level of perpetual market research and development in order to consistently maintain a continuing state of relevance with respect to the constantly changing global financial markets.

The trading team executes high probability trades and is in constant evaluation of respectively traded instrument algorithms with ongoing evaluation of new exotic instruments regularly.

Utilizing our proprietary algorithms, during specifically isolated trading periods, customary price action is very carefully identified as most conducive to our underlying strategies.

  • Only the highest probability trades are taken, utilizing sophisticated analytical models to determine and identify these opportunities on specific trading instruments.
  • Judicious risk management principles are applied to the trading account in order generate a driven quantitative trade model, thus improving consistency.
  • All trading strategies are proprietary to the trader and used on a risk management scale to be placed with a pre-determined exposure in the overall trading strategy.
  • Trades are monitored 24 hours to ensure safety of client funds.
Our team working around computers

Blue Trading maintains an extremely extensive background in the Finance sector. As stated previously, our primary focus in the early trading stages was purely on institutional clients. All of our original manual systems and algorithms were created solely to be marketed to large, professional institutional investors. Upon the 2016 Cryptocurrency/FX boom, we began offering these services to retail trading clients from all around the world. We currently have clients from 31 countries seeking to diversify their investment portfolio with our impressive sophisticated trading strategies.

Our firm has developed strong skills into the fact that these global markets are an extremely liquid, cost-efficient and well developed asset class which adhere to very particular price action conducive to achieving outsized profit targets. It is through the advanced research of the nature of the world’s largest financial markets which allow our trade managers to employ use of specialized, insight-driven trading systems and consistently achieve these returns.

A group picture of our team

Benefits of a Managed Account with Blue Trading

  • Trading team with 40 years (combined) trader experience.
  • Diversified trading strategy utilizing over five traders with 10+ trading strategies.
  • Funds deposited to Bank Brokerage Liquidity Provider.
  • Track Records 100% Verified by 3rd Party Trading Verification Sites and CPA Firm.
  • Trading Platform Accessible 24 Hours a Day to View Account by Computer or Mobile Device.
  • No "Hands on" Trading Required - 100% Managed Trading.
  • No Upfront Costs, only pay Performance Fee on Net Profits.

Key Leadership Team Spotlight:

Brian Hart

Brian Hart Client Relations Manager

As a dedicated Client Relations Manager, Mr. Hart oversees the Account Manager duties to communicate with clients in a prompt, courteous, and insightful manner. He is also the Manager of our award-winning support team.

Ryo Watanabe

Ryo Watanabe Trading Desk Manager

With over a decade of trading experience, Mr. Watanabe started the firm after several years managing bank trading desks for institutional investors. He now serves as the primary decision maker on our trading desk.

Martin Smith

Martin Smith System Research Engineer

Mr. Smith is responsible for researching the latest trading strategies in the industry that may be beneficial to our investors. He vets thousands of systems a year, and selects on the most premier tools available to maximize risk and minimize potential for loss.

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